Hardware and Software tools available:

The studio has a lot of analog, digital and software systems to handle a variety of projects.

DAW: ProTools Studio, Nuendo, Studio One Professional, Reaper
Monitors: Focal and Mackie
Behringer PowerPlay 16 cue and personal headphone mixers.
Microphones: LDC, SDC, Dynamic and Ribbon mics from: AKG, Audio Technica, Audix, Beyer Dynamic, Blue, Cascade, Electro-Voice, Sennheiser, Lauten Audio, Lewitt, Miktek, R0de, Shure, Warm Audio and more.
Plug-Ins: Acustica, aixdsp, Apogee, Arturia, AudioThing, Avid, BDL, BOZ Digital, Celemony, Cherry Audio, D16, DDMF, DMGAudio, Eiosis, Eventide, Exponential, FabFilter, iZotope, KIT, Klanghelm, Kush, LiquidSonics, McDSP, Native Instruments, Neural DSP, oeksound, Plugin Alliance, Pulsar, Relab, SIR, Slate Digital, Softube, Sound Radix, SoundToys, Spitfire Audio, SSL, Steinberg, TC Electronic, Universal Audio, UVI, Valhalla DSP, Waves, XLN Audio, and more.

Loads of guitars, amps (real and virtual), pedals and other toys.

What’s in the Red Rack?:

Interface/Converters: Lynx Aurora (n) 24 TB3
Mic Preamps: API, CAPI, Focusrite, Great River, PreSonus, Retro Instruments, Yamaha
Outboard: ART, Ashley, DBX, Eventide, Fractal Audio, Klark-Teknik, Lexicon, Line 6